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Akan-Ji Lexicon - Fantasy Fluff

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January 20th, 2009

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03:56 pm - Akan-Ji Lexicon


Al-Ji : Literally "dirt people" and a term used to describe those who are ritually unclean. Often a mispronunciation of Olgi committed by bashi - it is considered a great insult to refer to Olgi as Al-Ji.

Allu : A word that means dirty and unclean.

Akan : The founder of the Orhanek Akan, the great leader who received the Shirmeh and Akseh from Olgi.

Akan-Ji : Literally the people of Akan, citizens of Orhanek Akan and worshipers of Olgi.

Akseh : The divine laws of Olgi almighty, given to Akan on a tablet of solid gold.

Azab : A jebiji who is a a manual laborer and/or farmer. A peasant who is technically free but has few rights and little money.

Bannai : A harem, a collection of of lani slave girls who serve a master sexually.

Bannai lani : A harem girl, a female sex slave.

Bashi : A non-believer, a person who does not worship Olgi and have limited rights within Orhanek Akan.

Baylik : An evil spirit or demon like creature who corrupts humans by offering them favors or sometimes merely causes mischief and suffering.

Belili : A young boy who studies under a hulan.

Chesi : A woman, one of the four castes with the Orhanek Akan.

Daziri : A nomadic group of people that originate in Orhanek Akan.

Deshiv : A ritual which welcomes a person into the worship of Olgi and makes him or her a true member of the Akan-Ji. In many ways like a Baptism.

Fengu : A worker slave, one used for the lowest and most menial labor, often worked to death in mines, quarries, or galleys.

Frahila : Astrology and the use of the stars to predict the future.

Frahilahanna : A horoscope that determines the course of a person's life.

Gameesi : An assassin, especially a member of Lehet.

Gorut : A large chopping sword often used by executioners or by harem guards.

Guthri : A kunni lawyer and legal scholar.

Hatissa : A seductress - an evil or immoral woman who uses her charms to manipulate men. It also can be used for a female member of Lehet.

Hudhat : A pole arm type of weapon which consists of a foot long curved blade on the end of a six foot long shaft, usually used by the Tugra.

Hulan : A teacher and instructor a a young boy. He takes the boy under his wing in a form of apprenticeship. He usually also has sex with the boy.

Ibeel : Reincarnation, the fate that awaits bashi after death.

Jebiji : Akan-Ji free men and one of the four castes - a citizen and believer in Olgi who has certain freedoms within Orhanek Akan but is not nobility.

Ji : literally "men" though often used to mean people or humanity in general.

Jijani : The caste system, where there are four castes - the chesi, the jebiji, the solaki, and the sebisi.

Kadel : An Akan-Ji university and library.

Kilbashi : The sum of all bashi - the world's nonbelievers.

Koray muradi : a high priest of Olgi, those priests who serve directly under the Orhan and help him to interpret the Shirmeh.

Kosemi : Male sex slaves.

Kunni : A eunuch slave, used primarily as the scholars, teachers, scribes, and philosophers of Orhanek Akan, but also sometimes used as harem guards.

Kunni falla : A eunuch whose job it is to guard a noble's harem - chosen from the biggest and strongest kunni available.

Lani : a slave girl, a harem girl, concubine, or one kept as property by free Akan-Ji.

Ledu : The large, round, bulbous hat that many noble women wear.

Lehet : The secret police of the Orhan - a network of spies, assassins, and mystics. The existence of the Lehet is unknown to most Akan-Ji.

Liri : A common woman, the wife of a jebiji. A common woman, the wife of a jebiji.

Mai : A noble woman, the wife of a solaki.

Merathet VII : The current Orhan of Orhanek Akan, sometimes called Merathet Mojeet, meaning "Merathet the Merciful."

Muradi : A noble profession - a priest of Olgi.

Nizami : A merchant, businessman, or trader - the small middle class of Orhanek Akan.

Oglani : Slave or peasant soldiers who are given very little training - cannon fodder.

Olgi : The supreme deity of the Akan-Ji - all powerful and all knowing, he created the Orhanek Akan by anointing Akan as his messenger.

Olgiorhira : Becoming one with Olgi, the great reward that the male worshipers of Olgi receive after their death.

Omi : A wife of the Orhan, a queen of Orhanek Akan.

Orhan : The emperor of Orhanek Akan and direct descendant of Akan - the leader of both the church of Olgi and all of the Akan-Ji.

Orhanek Akan : Literally "the empire of Akan" - the sum of all Olgi worshipers, those who are ruled by the Orhan, and the land they occupy.

Sebisi : A slave and one of the four castes, a bashi residing in Orhanek Akan who has no rights and is the property of a free Akan-Ji.

Sekbani : A jebiji warrior, a free man who acts as a soldier and is payed by the battle, a mercenary.

Shirmeh : The four divine revelations of Olgi, given to Akan on a tablet of pure silver. The revelations are kept secret and only known to the Orhan and the koray muradi.

Sipathi : A noble warrior who is also a scholar and poet - a veritable Renaissance man who personifies the greatest virtues of the Akan-Ji. They primarily fight as mounted warriors, much like medieval knights.

Solahula : The deep love and affection (and attraction) between men, often a hulan and his belili.

Solaki : An Akan-Ji nobleman, the most beloved caste by Olgi.

Solkullu : A wizard or sorcerer, one who summons and deals with baylik. Solkullu are feared and hated by Akan-Ji.

Tifi : A plant with mind altering effects, often dried and smoked to create mild feelings of euphoria, contentment, and relaxation.

Timari : A pirate, privateer, raider, smuggler, slaver, corsair, and/or sea trader.

Tolok : A public establishment where Akan-Ji men come to discuss issues of the day and to smoke tifi.

Tugra : One of the Orhan's elite bodyguards - chosen from among the most skilled Zirli.

Yiri : A noble politician or bureaucrat, a ruler and administrator.

Zirli : Warrior slaves, trained from a young age to fight and kill for their Akan-Ji masters.

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