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The Wisdom of Tarnost : Tablet I - Fantasy Fluff

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August 12th, 2006

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12:45 pm - The Wisdom of Tarnost : Tablet I
This is the first of many tablets of the so called "Wisdom of Tarnost" - the philosophy of the founder of Nostia

I looked out unto the world and I saw that unto to mare is born a foal and unto the bitch is born the pup and unto woman a human child is born. And to fair parents are born fair children and to dark parents are born dark children, and a strong man receives strong sons and to a wise man is born clever children.

And when a dark woman and fair man are coupled, a child that is neither light nor dark is born, but a child who is is a mixture between both parents. And thus to a strong man and a weak woman a common child shall be born and also shall be born unto a strong woman and a weak man. And thus a strong man and a strong woman shall sire and bear strong children.

I have seen that all that a man is, so too is his son; and all that a woman is so too is her daughter. And when a man dies and becomes naught but dust, he then lives on by blood of his blood and fruit of his loins. For his every fault is carried by his son and his every virtue is likewise carried by his son. And every woman's virtue and her faults and her beauty is carried to her daughters. And also is the blood of a man carried to his daughters and the blood a woman carried to her sons.

So to every man and every woman there is the chance to live beyond death, in the blood of sons and daughters. And when there is a mixing of blood between man and woman so too are the eternal futures of the man and woman mixed forever. Thus when a strong man lay down with a weak women he makes himself weak and when a wise woman lay with a foolish man she makes herself a fool. For forever will the stain be carried in the blood. For once wine and water are mixed never can they become separate and once the blood of the weak mixes with the blood of the strong neither can become whole again.

And so a man and his family are one, for a man carries in him the blood of his father and shares that blood with his brother and with his sister who share their blood with the mother who bore them. And when a man takes for himself a strong woman he makes his family strong and when a man takes for himself a weak woman he makes his family weak. And when your brother takes a woman, that woman and her blood shall forever be mingled with yours.

A great man is so because his father is great and his mother is great. A weak man is likewise born to a weak man and a weak woman. Thus each man should seek for himself a woman of wisdom and of strength and of character who excels in all of her persuits for in her greatness he becomes greater. And a woman should turn away any man who is foolish or weak or is a failure, for in his flaws she too becomes flawed.

Thus in siring or bearing children is life eternal. So in having many children, the life of a man is that much greater and also his immortality insured. A great man lives for many years and has a full purse, he sires many strong and wise and able children and his life blood flows like a river. A lesser man lives but a short life and has an empty purse and has few children who shall die in their youth, so that the life blood lesser man shall dry and turn into dust with his death.

And so too does the strong lion feast while the weak lion starves, and the strong lion shall have many cubs and the weak lion shall have none. So that the strong shall live forever and the weak shall die. And the deer shall be food for the lion, for the deer is weak and the lion is strong. And the dog shall eat the rabbit, and the cat eat the mouse. The weak perish that the strong may live. So too with man and with woman. For the strong man shall slay the weak man and the wise man shall press into his service the fool. As the predator eats the flesh of its prey, so to does the master grow fat from the labors of his slaves.

This is right that the strong should rule over the weak. For as the strong triumph so too does strength triumph, and as greatness thrives so too does greatness multiply.

And a great man shall rule over lesser men - thus the master rules over the slave and a man rules over his dog. But the slave is not devoured by his master, for in a master's greatness so too does a slave thrive. For the slave is a lesser man or woman, but in service to a great master the slave shall have the protection of the master.

A slave is inferior, for the slave has been captured and forced to serve by a greater man. And the son of a slave is likewise beneath the master's son, for the a child born of a slave carries in his blood his father's weakness and a child born of the master carries in his blood his father's greatness. And the child of a wealthy man has earned that wealth through the labors and wisdom of his father and the child of a poor man has earned poverty through his fathers foolishness; for as a father gives unto his son the greatness of his blood so too does a father give to his son the wealth of his purse and the bounty of his fields and the servitude of his slaves. In this way, the wealth that a man earns in his life shall be his after death, for blood of his blood and fruit of his loins shall possess that wealth. So also, are the children of a man or a woman pressed into servitude deserving of servitude and so too are their children deserving of slavery.

And a weak man who only serves himself, only serves weakness; but a weak man who serves a great man also serves greatness and greatness prospers from his labors. And thus the slave has worth in the that a great man may benefit from that slave's labor. A slave with no master is of no use to anyone, and would be better off dead than to spread his weakness among the world. And thus it is only right that the weak should serve the strong and the foolish shall serve the wise and the lesser shall serve the greater. And that which is inferior which does not serve that which is greater should perish and go into the dust.

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